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Statistics reveal that one out of every woman undergoes cesarean delivery due to various reasons. If you do not want to be like them, here are some Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery which is good for the health of both child and mother.

  • Mild exercises – Mild exercises can help you to stay active and build up your stamina. Exercises of the thigh muscles can help combat the labor pain and the stress during the period of pregnancy.
  • Avoid stress – Avoid stress and read books on parenting that can help you have the right education on what you can do to ensure a normal delivery. Listen to light music and watch comedy movies that can help you overcome any stress that is unavoidable.
  • Use water – Take bath for a long period of time using a bathtub or a swirling pool. This will help you to relax. Having hot compress for two to three times a day can also help in achieving a normal delivery.
  • Avoid being overweight – Calculate your BMI and see how much weight you should put on during the several stages of pregnancy. This will prevent you from complications and medical intervention.
  • Practicing breathing techniques – Breathing exercises can help you to acquire the right techniques in breathing. This helps with sufficient and proper supply of oxygen for enhancing the growth of the baby.
  • Spending time at home – It is important to spend the early months of pregnancy at home. You can go out for a walk, do light household chores and go for short errands. This will help you get stronger to combat the muscle contractions that occur every 5 minutes.
  • Low intervention – Go for fewer medical interventions during this period, like various tests and treatments which are not mandatory.
  • Choosing a health provider – Choose a health provider who specializes in normal delivery. This will help you to take care of yourself properly.

These simple tips are easy to follow, which can help you achieve your goal of giving a vaginal birth and thereby prevent the complications of a cesarean delivery.

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                                      Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery