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Neonatal Jaundice is a yellowish discolouration of the white part of the eyes and skin in a new born baby due to high bilirubin levels.Some other symptoms of neonatal jaundice are- Baby may be excessively sleepy, or, He/She may not feed properly.

About 60% of the full term newborns and 80% of premature babies are jaundiced.If not treated at the earliest it can lead to further complications which includes seizures,cerebral palsy, or kernicterus.

This problem is confirmed by measuring the serum bilirubin levels of the baby. There are two types of Neonatal Jaundice:   Physiological:  in most of the cases there is no specific underlying disorder.                                                                       

Pathological: sometimes it results from some underlying problem infection or metabolic disorders

The need for treatment depends on bilirubin levels, the age of the child, and the underlying cause. The treatment includes phototherapy & exchange transfusion. Incase of premature babies, more aggressive treatments may be required.  

A neonate admitted in phototherapy at Dr.Deepika’s clinic

We treat jaundiced babies with utmost care at Dr.Deepika’s Maternity and Infertility Centre in Panchkula.

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