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Pregnancy does not take much time to start having an impact on the woman’s body. That means before the baby bump is visible, the women start experiencing various symptoms of pregnancy like frequent urination, morning sickness, and many more. Apart from that, one main symptom which most of the women suffer from is difficulty in sleeping. 

Factors that affect sleep in the first trimester

Sleep during the first trimester is majorly influenced by the rising level of progesterone, due to which the women feel exhausted and warm. But this increasing level of progesterone is also necessary to support the pregnancy. 

Moreover, most women feel sleepy in the daytime and get trouble sleeping at night. But, according to the best gynaecologists in Panchkula, this problem of sleep is much higher because of nausea and vomiting, which saps the energy level and forces them to get out of bed day and night. 

Importance of sleep in the first trimester

Sleep during the first trimester is essential for a healthy pregnancy as it will affect women more than a child. Sleep deprivation in the first trimester can lead to gestational diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure in the third trimester.

Apart from that, if pregnant women don’t take enough sleep, it can also cause miscarriage. 

How to sleep better during that period?

The first trimester is a difficult time, but if you practise good sleeping habits, it will help you sleep soundly and also helps in increasing sleeping time. You can do this by: –

  • Drinking more and more liquid, especially water
  • Sleep at cool and dark place
  • Take a diet that helps you to sleep better
  • Practice good sleep hygiene

If you follow these above tips, you will surely get good sleep both day and night.