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A lot of women experience complications during pregnancy. But some complications are not progressive and remain mild. The complications may involve the health of the fetus and mother. Even if a woman is healthy before the pregnancy, chances are still there to get pregnancy complications. 

If you observe any of the complications listed below, you need to visit the best gynecologist in Panchkula

  1. Gestational Diabetes 

Gestational diabetes is the most common complication which may occur in pregnant women. This may lead to an increase in blood sugar which may risk the health of the fetus and mother both. In that case, some women have to change their meal plan to control the level of blood sugar. Moreover, you may need to take insulin to control the sugar level. However, make sure to take it under the guidance of a gynecologist. 

  1. High Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure is a very common complication that many women experience during pregnancy. High blood pressure can be fatal for pregnant women, and moreover, it may increase the risk of a premature baby or having a preterm delivery. Therefore, it is important to maintain normal blood pressure during the pregnancy stage to avoid such complications. 

  1. Anemia 

Anemia is another complication which women experience during the pregnancy stage. If a woman experiences anemia, then she has a low count of red blood cells in the body. Due to anemia, she may feel tired all the time and weaker than usual. 

The skin color becomes pale. To deal with the anemia, the gynecologist offers supplements such as folic acid and iron during the entire stage of the pregnancy. The supplement will help to deal with the deficiency of the red blood cells. 

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  1. Preeclampsia 

Preeclampsia which is also referred to as toxemia which usually occurs during the first twenty-week of the pregnancy. It develops kidney problems and also causes high blood pressure too. If you have preeclampsia, you need to consult with the best gynecologist in Panchkula

A certified gynecologist will monitor the condition and growth of the fetus too. Moreover, he/she will also prescribe the medication and constantly monitor the growth of the baby. 


These are some of the common complications which women may experience during their pregnancy period. If you experience any of these complications, don’t take it lightly and visit the gynecologist to take preventive measures to avoid any mishappening.