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One of life’s most satisfying experiences is when you receive congrats for becoming a parent. The feeling is more phenomenal for a mother who has been carrying and nurturing a child inside of her body for those precious 9 months. It is a life-changing event and a magnificent adventure. But tensions and stress are persistent until a safe delivery happens. 

In such events, many women may wonder what to prepare as the baby develops in the womb and the time for delivery approaches. Simply put, what can be done to increase the chances of normal delivery? Here’s a walkthrough of some precious suggestions from the best hospital for normal delivery in Panchkula. Take a look- 

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Some Helpful Steps to Ensure Normal Delivery Process

Here’s an overview of some helpful steps which will ensure a normal delivery process – 

1. Practice Perineal Massage

Perineal massage is advised for a first-time mum. Massaging your perineum can reduce your chances of having an episiotomy by a significant percentage. Perineal massage is practised at least once a week on pregnant ladies in the final weeks of pregnancy. 

However, twice a week or daily massage is even more helpful to ensure safe delivery. But if you’ve previously had vaginal childbirth, the exercise may be required. 

2. Turning Techniques

The external cephalic version (ECV) is a technique which involves turning the baby’s head down by pushing with hands from the outside. 

The technique is recommended if the baby is breech (bottom down). It is good to be given at 36 weeks of pregnancy. You can also attempt some self-help techniques to help your baby turn and ensure a normal delivery. 

3. Try Avoiding Induction

Induction of labour usually results in more necessary medical interventions, such as active monitoring, and pain management, which similarly leads to the lower possibility of natural childbirth.

If both mother and child are healthy but the pregnancy has extended over the due date, consult with the doctor immediately to ensure that any advice for induction comes in the most pressing circumstances. 

4. Avoid Going Outside Until Advised

If you seek a normal delivery, try staying at home in active labour. The intervention risk increases simultaneously if the mother is admitted to the operation ward in early labour. 

This intervention comprises techniques and methods to speed up labour. It’s worthwhile to know the difference between early labour and active labour to avoid any confusion. But if you don’t want to make any mistakes, stay at home until required. 

5. Practice Relaxation and Breathing Exercise 

Relaxation and breathing exercises are recommended in the best hospital for normal delivery in Panchkula. These exercises will keep a mother relaxed during active labour, ensuring no complications or mental trauma occurs during or after the treatment procedures. 

6. Choose an Ideal Labour Support 

Choosing appropriate labour support can ensure a normal delivery. For this, most families hire a midwife, especially those opting for home birth rather than hospitals. 

However, the option is advised only when the labour support provider is experienced. It would be even much better to reach out to the best hospital for normal delivery.  

7. Get Adequate Sleep

Good sleep is essential for a mum-to-be. It reduces stress and encourages a safe development of a child inside the womb. 

Approach any best hospital for normal delivery in Panchkula. The doctors will advise adequate sleep to mothers as it improves their immune functioning and is even helpful for the junior’s health inside the womb. 

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