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C-section delivery, also called cesarean delivery, is an alternative to the vaginal delivery offered at the best hospital for normal delivery in Panchkula. It is basically a surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the mother’s abdomen to successfully have babies delivered. 

Surgery is often recommended when the mother’s womb is carrying two or more babies, or possibly a vaginal delivery is risky. But it has been seen that this surgical procedure has always been notorious among people. 

There’re lots of myths surrounding C-Section delivery that need to be debunked. From all such myths, one question, “Is normal delivery possible after C-section?” is repeatedly asked by mothers and their relatives. 

So what’s the excellent summary of it? Well, here’s the answer

Normal Delivery After C-Section – Explained  

The concern is typically raised by those mothers that are about to welcome a second or more baby after having the first one delivered successfully via cesarean section. 

In the second scenario, relatives and the mother herself become worried about whether a normal vaginal delivery can happen after a cesarean section if they plan another baby.

Well, there’s a big YES by most expert doctors. Normal delivery after C-Section is possible for most women. This is called vaginal birth after cesarean (also called VBAC). Still, there are certain deciding factors for whether or not normal vaginal delivery is possible for a mother.

 The biggest factor is the “Safety” of both mother and child. While advising and conducting a treatment, the safety of the mother and child inside and outside her womb is prioritized. After a brief evaluation of all these checkpoints, final treatment is suggested. 

These Are the Factors Taken Into Account When Evaluating Normal Delivery After C-Section

When conducting an evaluation, both the baby and mother must be in good health to figure out the possibility of vaginal birth. If your doctor finds that both mother and child are healthy enough, a normal vaginal delivery can be recommended. But if you are expecting twins, surgical treatment may be advised. Other risk factors in which you may have to undergo C-section delivery include – 

  • Preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy)
  • Obesity (your body mass index is 30 or higher)
  • Age (usually older than 35)
  • The fetus is very large
  • Your previous cesarean was in the last 19 months

However, room for the complication is still available if you aren’t approaching the best hospital for normal delivery in Panchkula. If you don’t want to risk the mother and child’s life, make sure only the best delivery hospital is coming on your searches. 

In most events, VBAC or normal vaginal delivery is possible in emergency situations, thanks to some expert doctors like Dr Deepika Arora. Still, there are some risk factors associated with VBAC. 

What are the risks of having a VBAC? 

If the mother and unborn child are both healthy during pregnancy, VBAC can still carry some risks. These potential risks can be visible in the following scenarios – 

  • You require a C-section, nonetheless, since the labour doesn’t progress well.
  • Injury, infection, and blood loss
  • A uterine rupture occurs (tears). However, it happens rarely; it still has the potential to be fatal.

How to Prepare for a VBAC?

  • Mothers who previously had a C-section and are expecting another child consult with doctors immediately. Mainly if there is one month left to the active labour pain, schedule an appointment with the doctors regarding VBAC.
  • Keep yourself active around the VBAC topics. Such as how you can encourage VBAC best exercises for a normal delivery after C-section delivery. The diet plan must be maintained. 
  • Avoid home delivery if it is a Vaginal birth after cesarean. 
  • Also, make sure the hospital has a C-section specialist to ensure it is easy to tackle emergencies. 

Dr Deepika is a specialist in normal deliveries and C-section deliveries; with years of experience and expertise in the profession, she has promised a safe delivery for parents. As a mother or a relative of the mother, if you still have certain doubts regarding C-sections, look no further. Jump straight to the best hospital for normal delivery in Panchkula to meet Dr Deepika.