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There is a widespread misconception in society that only females experience infertility problems, which is why IVF is necessary. However, dispelling this myth reveals that infertility can affect both men and women.

The abnormality in the proper count generation of sperm is the primary cause of infertility in men. According to the top IVF specialist in Panchkula, a man who frequently fails to create a higher sperm count is a significant factor in the couple’s decision to have IVF.

Ayurveda here can come into play to put an end to the whole worrying story. Let’s go into the natural details of improving sperm count.

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Helpful Ayurvedic Tips for Natural Sperm Production

1. Consume grape juice and buffalo milk

This one is one of the most popular and preferred methods of moving forward with the sperm count. It states that you must get 500 ml of buffalo milk that has been cooked. Next, take some fresh grapes and squeeze out the best juice. 200 cc of it should be thoroughly combined with milk. Early in the morning on an empty stomach is the ideal time to consume.

2. Taking vitamin A and C supplements

Consume potassium-rich foods with lots of antioxidants, such as pomegranates. It contributes significantly to the improvement of sperm count. Removing the toxins from the blood safeguards the sperm. Eat it before going to bed.

3. Steer clear of very salty and spicy foods

Your excessive habit of eating meals high in salt and/or spice may be the cause of your poor sperm production. It is best to stay away from them so that sperm production can occur naturally.

4. The role of herbs in Ayurveda

The herbs amla Churan, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Gokhru Churan, and Yashti Madhu, among many others, are the secret of sperm creation in Ayurveda.

Have Yourself Treated from Premier Expert

It’s time to switch to better options with better methods recommended by Dr. Deepika if you feel helpless to treat your condition on your own.

The production of sperm plays a significant part in the entire conception process. So, work toward it with a highly qualified professional.

She is the ideal specialist to schedule your consultation with because she is well-known in gynaecology and IVF treatments. Make an appointment right away to put a stop to your sperm count generation problems so that you can pursue family planning more healthily.