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Infertility is very common in men and women and there can be many reasons behind it. Furthermore, the signs and symptoms may vary from person to person. The person facing the problem cannot identify the symptoms of the other. If you are serious about your problem regarding infertility, then you must consult a doctor. It is very important to choose the right doctor for the right treatment.

The most commonly found and identified symptoms are as below: –

  1. Change in Sexual desire– This is the most important symptom found by doctors in men. Hormonal changes and good hormonal health are directly related to fertility. How happy or unhappy you are with your hormones can have a direct impact on fertility. Stress and depressed life can have a serious impact and create problems of infertility.
  1. Pain or swelling in Testicles– It turns out that swelling in the testicles can be caused by several reasons. But one of them can also be infertility. A healthy testicle is very important for good fertility.
  1. Ejaculation problem– Problems during ejaculation or visible problems during ejaculation can be a change in the amount of ejaculation, volume etc. This can be seen as a sign of infertility.
  1. Firm testicles– Low sperm count can be a serious health issue for male fertility. Due to the presence of male sperm in the testes, it is always suggested to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Any change, whether minor or drastic, should be considered by a medical expert.
  1. Abnormal breast growth– Abnormal growth or pump in the chest of men is not considered a good change. This could be possible due to several health factors. But the causes of infertility in men cannot be one.
  1. Change in hair growth– Male body hair is considered normal. But an unexplained increase or decrease in hair growth on any part of the body can be serious and should be reported to a specialist. Infertility can be a problem.

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