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Smoking is very destructive for both men and women if they are planning to have children. It is always recommended for a couple to quit smoking before trying to have a baby. Smoking indeed affects the ability of men and women to have children. People only believe that smoking kills the lungs and increases heart problems. But they are not aware of the fact, it also creates complications in the fertility of men and women.

People usually have a question about how smoking can affect fertility. We will answer this most asked question. The chemicals present in cigars like nicotine etc, are hostile and ruin the progress rate of development of eggs in females and sperm in males. If the egg or sperm is declared dead due to smoking, it cannot be fixed up. Also, the most prominent drawback for women who smoke is menopause occurs years earlier than for women who do not smoke. So, if menopause occurs much earlier than normal, women feel pressured to have premature babies.

The same thing goes for men as well. Smokers and men expecting children may suffer the most because of their smoking patterns in their lives. Smoking kills and lowers sperm quality and lowers sperm count. Not only this, but smoking also hinders the growth of abnormal sperm count, which leads to infertility.

To take a close look at smokers, a study shows that sperm concentration is seen to be at a lower rate for smokers. Sperm DNA does not fragment adequately and causes problems with fertilization with an increased rate of miscarriage. Also, smokers produce oddly shaped sperms, and these sperms face difficulty in swimming and trapping eggs. If the sperm does not get enough swimming ability, it has trouble reaching through the eggs which cause infertility.

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