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Being intimate with no intention of having a baby is common among the youth. Couples have mixed reviews in relation to this part, and some highly feel that this might not be the perfect time to have a baby. For couples like these, contraception methods work for the very best. 

However, getting your hands on the most suitable contraceptive method can be a challenging task and can only be carried out carefully with the assistance of the best gynecologist in Panchkula. To help couples in this task, we have shared some of the most worthy points. 

1. Barriers

This contraceptive method is by far the most common one to be used by couples. Not only in preventing pregnancy but this contraceptive method also prevents the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases. You can take condoms as the perfect example of a barrier method of contraception.  

2. Intrauterine devices

This contraceptive method is to be used by women and has proved to be a reliable one to date. These devices are generally available in two different types, each meant for the suitability of varied individuals. However, using this contraceptive method may hinder your period cycle as a result.

3. Hormonal contraceptives

As the name implies, this contraceptive method works efficiently by leading to some changes in the hormones, mostly in women. However, people do not prioritize this method as it comes with multiple risks to women.

4. Birth control pills

Birth control pills are also common amongst couples and used in case conditions arise for pregnancy. Similar to hormonal contraceptives, these also come along with certain risks.

End Thoughts

Contraception is available in different types, each suiting a specific situation related to pregnancy. We have shared the most common ones among all of the above points. All you now need to do is choose the one suiting you the most. Still, if you find things confusing, you are suggested to book an appointment with the best lady doctor in Panchkula.