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Female reproductive systems produce gametes and hormones like male reproductive systems. Still, they also support the developing foetus and deliver it outside. Unlike the male reproductive system, the female reproductive system is mostly in the pelvis. It’s the ovaries that make up the female gonads. In this blog, we will find more about it.

Anatomy and Physiology of Women’s Bodies


A female’s ovaries produce the female gamete and hormones. They’re on either side of the lower abdomen. Ovaries measure 2 to 4 cm and are connected to the uterus and pelvic wall by ligaments. Ovaries have an outer cortex and an inner medulla that are separated by a thin epithelium covering the stroma.

There are various stages of ovarian follicle development in the cortex. A woman’s reproductive system starts with the ovarian follicle. Infundibulum, ampulla, and isthmus are the three anatomical regions of an oviduct.


Uterus is also called womb. Female reproductive system has inverted pear-shaped muscle. The uterus has three layers – an inner endometrium layer, a thick middle layer(myometrium), and a thin outer layer(perimetrium). A narrow cervix opens into a vagina via ligaments attached to the pelvic wall. Together, the cervical canal and vagina make up the birth canal. The vagina is a muscular tube that starts at the bottom of the uterus and goes out.

Fallopian Tubes

Located between the right and left superior corners of the uterus and the edge of the ovaries, fallopian tubes are muscular tubes. Fimbriae are small projections that swoop over the ovaries, picking up released ova and delivering them to the infundibulum for supply to the uterus. An ovum is carried to the uterus by cilia covering each fallopian tube.


There’s a tube connecting the cervix to the outside called the vagina. During sexual interaction, it holds the penis and delivers sperm to the fallopian tubes and uterus. Also, it expands during childbirth to allow the delivery of the foetus.


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