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The obesity epidemic is on the rise today. The obesity rate among women of reproductive age is more than four in ten. Health conditions linked with obesity include high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol snags, heart disease, breathing problems, joint problems, and cancer.

Top reasons how weight impacts IVF success

There is a need for higher drug doses for obese women

There is an association between obesity and higher amounts of pills used to rouse the ovaries. As a result of their obesity, obese women take longer to respond, have higher cancellation rates of their cycles, and have fewer eggs retrieved.

The effects of obesity on eggs and embryos

Obese women experience decreased egg quality, fertilization rate, and embryo quality. As a result, eggs retrieved may result in an unsuccessful IVF procedure.

The effects of obesity on the uterine lining

In obese women, the uterine lining is less receptive to fertilization. Evidence shows that obese women experience a lower live birth rate in surrogate cycles and donor egg recipients. If this is with you, it is time to talk to an expert IVF specialist in Panchkula.

Having a high body mass index increases the risk of miscarriage

The prevalence of miscarriage among obese women is 31% higher than that of normal-weight women.

Obese mothers are more likely to experience pregnancy complications.

The pregnancy outcomes of obese women are poorer than those of normal-weight women. It has been shown that obese women are more likely to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, preterm deliveries, stillbirths, cesarean or instrumental deliveries, labour complications, fetal distress, early neonatal death, and small as well as large babies for their gestational age.

Keeping a healthy weight reduces the risk

You can avoid many of these problems by losing weight before getting pregnant. Exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to lose weight for all individuals.

Psychological interventions and stress management are among the behavioral interventions that can help.

Final words

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