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In pregnancy, you are directed to consume more of certain items and to avoid others due to their adverse effects on the pregnancy and the baby. One of these ingredients is olive oil. The various benefits olive oil can offer to pregnant women make it suggested by the best maternity hospitals in Panchkula for them to consume more of it during their pregnancy. But have you thought about its side effects along with benefits? 

Olive oil benefits during pregnancy

Heals Skin

Skin benefits from olive oil. Applying olive oil to your C-section scar, if it is your second pregnancy, can reduce itching and speed healing. Olive oil contains vitamins K and E that nourish and saves the skin. It should only be used on a scar after the wound has healed or dried and with the doctor’s approval.

Stretch mark reduction

Pregnancy stretch marks are one of the worst things that can happen. Most women wish stretch marks to go away or find a magic cream to do it. A woman’s belly growth can cause stretch marks, which can be reduced with olive oil.

Olive oil can help reduce the look of stretch marks when the skin expands rapidly. You can use olive oil to moisturize your skin and stop itching or drying. Consult your doctor before applying anything topically.

Olive oil’s pregnancy side effects


Olive oil blocks skin pores due to its thickness. Clogging of pores can result in acne if this oil is used too regularly without being correctly cleansed.


It can also cause diarrhoea, cramps, or watery stools if you consume too much olive oil during pregnancy.

Final words

This blog explains the olive oil benefits and side effects in pregnancy. Suppose you are pregnant and seeking the best hospital for normal delivery in Panchkula. In that case, Dr Deepika is one of the best doctors. Get in touch with them now.