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Cesarean section or C-section delivery involves a major surgical procedure which needs special attention and care during the recovery period. Whether it was a planned or an emergency C-section surgery, efficient post-operative care is vital for a healthy recovery.

Dr. Deepika, Best Gynaecologist for C-section Delivery in Panchkula, lays down some essential tips for post C-section care which we will take you through in this article:

1. Adequate Rest:

Rest is the foremost vital element in the road to recovery.  Allow your body to take adequate rest to heal after surgery. Don’t be hard on yourself or rush your recovery, take it easy in the early days following the C-section and prioritize rest. Lie down as much as possible, take short and frequent naps to regain the lost strength. Take help from family members in household chores.

2.Pain Management:

Pain is a by-product after a C-section and can be managed by the prescribed pain medications. Pain management enables mobility and prevents suffering.

3. Incision care:

Proper care of incision site should be taken to prevent infections. Keep the incision and stitches clean with mild soap and water. Then pat it dry with a towel. Application of Creams, ointments and powders are to be avoided unless advised by doctor. Contact doctor immediately if you notice any redness, swelling, foul odor or pus.

4. Support to Abdominal Muscles:

Holding a pillow against the incision when coughing, sneezing or laughing is advisable to provide support to the abdominal muscles. Rolling onto you side and using arms to push yourself up is also advised when getting out of bed. It reduces strain to the incision site and pain.

5. Increase in Activity gradually:

It is equally important to increase the activity levels gradually. Short walks are a good start. Gradually as the strength regains, activity levels can be increased.

6. Nutritious Diet:

A well-balanced diet rich in fruits, pulses, green vegetables and good fats is important for recovery. Proper hydration is also key. It will help in the recovery process.

7. Mental support:

The postpartum phase is full of overwhelming emotions and support from family at this time is very important for mental health. If required join a support group or seek professional counseling for mental well-being.

8. Light Exercises:

Engage in light exercises to strengthen the core muscles. Consult your doctor for C-section specific exercises like pelvic tilts, Kegel exercises and deep breathing exercises. Gradually light exercises of walking, stretching and postnatal yoga can be introduced.

9. Follow-up consultations:

Follow-up consultations with your doctor will help monitor your recovery progress. The healing of incision will be assessed. Communicate questions if any like resumption of driving and sexual intercourse etc. to the doctor.

Every woman’s body is different and so is her recovery process. Be patient and listen to your body. Gradually you will regain your strength and will be able to enjoy joyous moments with your newborn.