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Here are some myths of normal delivery vs Cesarean delivery.

Myths of normal delivery

  • Labour pain is intolerable
  • A vaginal delivery leads to sexual dysfunction.
  • A vaginal delivery can cause a prolapse.
  • If labour pain does not start naturally then need a caesarean section – for women whose pain is delayed, inducing is necessary to jumpstart labour, but caesarean section is not a conclusion.
  • Forceps and vacuum deliveries are always dangerous – Many females requires forceps and vacuums during vaginal deliveries and if they handle properly by experienced obstetrician, they are safe for both mother and baby.
  • Vaginal deliveries are not safe for babies – Babies born from vaginal deliveries have lower risks of respiratory problems and they have strong autoimmune systems.
  • A cord around baby’s neck requires a caesarean section – In most cases, babies have cord around the neck and their loop is large enough to move the baby through birth canal without any problem. Your obstetrician will monitor you during labour and they will alert you if they find any sign of cord causing fetal distress.

Myths of caesarean delivery –

  • A caesarean section is safer for mother and baby – a woman who had caesarean section will stay in hospital for longer time as compared to normal vaginal delivery.
  • Caesarean section is painless as compared to vaginal delivery.
  • A planned caesarean can be anytime after 37 weeks.
  • Once a caesarean, always a caesarean.
  • If you have a C-section, you won’t be able to enjoy skin-to-skin contact with your baby
  • The recovery period for C-section is more
  • There’s a limit to the number of C-sections you can have
  • You won’t feel anything during a C-section

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                         Myths of normal delivery vs cesarean delivery